The Artsy-Farmsy Girl

Identity is such a huge thing , there is this need to define ourselves and to know we belong somewhere . We can quickly summarize and label others and put them in a box  to control when and if we want to interact. I believe we are infinitely more complex than that aren’t we? For some people it may seem easier than others, for example, my husband is a chef. It’s not only what he does for a living but it also permeates how he thinks and how he gives of himself. Food is a love language so he has an open door when it comes to relating to others, it makes him instantly likable and approachable. Food is universal.

When putting together this project, I needed to come up with a label for myself. I honestly struggled for awhile because the titles I came up with to describe myself were either so narrow I sounded shallow or so profound it rang the conceited alarm in my mind. I have done so many different things in my life: I got married right out of high school, raised and homeschooled three now adult children, held jobs, started my own business, and then sold everything to start over in a new state. I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, creative thinking,  lover of rusty, recycled and  vintage, teacher, learner, experimenter, explorer, painter, animal lover, simplicity seeker and most importantly lover and follower of Jesus Christ. How do I put a label on myself? I am just me, the Artsy-Farmsy girl living each day  looking for the simple yet profound joys of life on the farm and sharing it with others in whatever creative format suits me at the moment. I hope that you find something here that encourages you or just brightens your day. Enjoy!



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