About Us

The Smith Farmhouse is our heart and passion expressed through farm to table hospitality. It is the place we have developed to share what we grow, raise and create with others. It is our desire that all who visit, will enjoy a farm experience that produces a deep impression of the love we have for what we do and the people we share it with.

We offer a variety of classes and events throughout the year for all ages because; we believe in feeding the heart, mind and body. Sharing what we love with family and friends, our community and the traveller just passing through is our goal and the purpose of all that we do.

Five acres of diverse native trees, berries and wildflowers, The Smith Farmhouse is located in the picturesque Wynooche Valley of Grays Harbor County in Washington State. Among the beauty all around us, we are working to build a sustainable farm for ourselves and our livestock: Dairy goats, pigs, chickens, ducks , geese , rabbits  and the mini donkeys along with Fezzik our farmdog and Jake the barn cat. We invite you to share the journey with us, through our blog or a visit out to the farm. Welcome!

 Brandon and Kathie Smith