I can’t choose a favorite goat, because that would make the others feel bad right? But if I did it would be this girl. When we first brought her home in July of 2016 her name was Iris and she had a very grumpy attitude. At first none of us liked her very much, but the following December she surprised us with twin boys. These bucklings included Tot who still lives on our farm and his brother Nugget who was sold to another farm.


After the birth Buttercup became the sweetest and most docile girl. She is great on the milking stand and usually gives us a quart of milk a day. We only milk once a daily or she would probably give us double that. In 2018 she had triplets, 2 boys and a girl. They were cute but feisty and kept their mama exhausted.  I think she was glad when they were weaned and went to their new home!


This past March (2020) Buttercup gave birth again, this time two bucklings. We laugh because apparently Buttercup only likes to have babies that look like her… not one has looked like Chip our resident “Goat Father”. These new boys are growing fast and will be ready for their new home soon!


Buttercup is a serious, no nonsense kind of a goat and I appreciate her. In contrast to a herd of silly, noisy, and pushy goats, Buttercup is simply the best!