Gilly is our resident “class clown”. She is also a little bit of a bully. She is our largest goat and she knows it.  She throws her weight around the food trough and makes sure she gets hers first. We bred her a little later than is normal which allowed her to grow more than her sister Boo. We think her extra weight also caused her to have a harder delivery when she delivered her two doelings, Millie and Noodle.


It was a hard night, we didn’t know it til the next morning but little Noodle had a full cleft palate and had to be put down by the vet. It was heartbreaking but we kept her other girl Mille. Gilly was an excellent mother and it was sweet to watch her with her daughter . IMG_1134

We are not planning to breed Gilly and Boo again so they will be our resident brush and berry clearers. This is an important job on the farm and they really seem to enjoy it. Gilly is also the leader of the welcome wagon when we have visitors. She is always the first one at the gate with her sister close behind …. looking for snacks of course!