Sabrina is a blue-eyed beauty with waddles just like her dad and long ears like her mom. I loved her markings and decided to keep her in our herd from day one. She is sweet and a little shy like the Audrey Hepburn character  in the movie “Sabrina” and just like that Sabrina, she has gained a confidence and beauty as she has matured.


We bred Sabrina in the fall of 2018 and were surprised when she got huge!!!

DSCN2593 (2)

We predicted triplets… and were were not disappointed! She easily delivered two boys and a girl but was initially afraid of her bleating offspring. She quickly recovered her composure and became an excellent mother. We hadn’t planned on keeping any of her kids but one look at the lovely long legged doeling and “Twiggy” became an official member of our herd.


Sabrina and Twiggy are pretty much inseparable… In fact I have weaned Twiggy at least four times, but you can still catch her attached to Sabrina’s teat even though she herself will be a mother this June. We will be breeding Sabrina to our new buckling  we are adding this spring and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our herd.