In December 2016, a few months after we moved into our farmhouse, we were preparing to host an engagement party for my daughter. The guest would be arriving within an hour and Buttercup went into labor. We had only had our goat herd together for a week  when we first brought them home, but that was enough time to find Buttercup in the “family way”.

I was already dressed for the party and rushed upstairs to change while my husband went to assist in the delivery. By the time I arrived to the garage where her makeshift stall was she had already give both to two bucklings. One large boy and one tiny tot the size of a coke can. Initially my husband thought he was the afterbirth but quickly realized it was a very tiny baby. If he even weighed a pound I would have been shocked.


Tot took a little bit of extra care at first but he had a strong spirit and a lot of fight in him and he made it despite our lack of goat birthing experience. He remained smaller than his brother but he didn’t let his size slow him down.


We kept Tot as part of our Goat herd and as a part time farm ambassador. He keeps his dad Chip company in the off season but loves when he has the chance to be with all the girls. He thinks he is a much bigger goat than he is and loves to show off at any given opportunity.