I had made the decision to not keep any of the 2019 spring babies but this beauty arrived as one of Sabrina’s triplets and I changed my mind immediately. Her good looks and long legs influenced me to name her after the 60’s model Twiggy. There are days I question my decision to keep her. On one hand she is lovely to look at, unfortunately she can make constant annoying noise like one of those New Year’s Eve party horns. I am hoping it fades with time and the onset of her upcoming kidding this June 2020.

Regardless of her unflattering voice, she is gorgeous and she somehow knows it.


From the beginning this girl has been such a cutie!


Seriously though, I don’t regret keeping her at all and I can’t wait to see what her babies will look like. This girl really is an excellent addition to our farm, even if I need to put in ear plugs from time to time.