Farm to Table Hospitality

It was not easy coming up with a short description that captured our “purpose” or “mission statement” to put on a business card. Between Brandon and I, we do a lot of different things. As a chef Brandon is asked to cater private events and I co-owned a specialty cake and cookie business prior to moving to Washington. I still enjoy creating baked goods for special events as well, but these days I am mostly focused on caring for and developing our farm.

We want to share what makes the Smith Farmhouse special, with others. Offering fresh eggs, seasonal veggies and flowers or providing the opportunities to interact with the different animals that live here are just the beginning of what we plan for our place to provide. Even if someone is never able to visit us in person they can experience the farm through our children’s book, blog and social media. There is always an entertaining story to share and lesson to be found here each day. As a writer it is rewarding to be able to share these moments with others.

In getting to know us , you will discover that we truly enjoy “feeding people”. Wether it be the appetite or the heart, we want those who enjoy the hospitality of our farm to leave feeling full. Thus, I can only describe “what we do” as Farm to Table Hospitality. There may need to be an explanation when we hand someone our new business card, but it’s not a problem. It gives us the opportunity to have a conversation, share what we are passionate about and make a connection with other individuals.

So, there it is… our new business card. We hope to have the opportunity to provide our unique style of Farm to Table Hospitality with you in the future.

checkered tablecloth

checkered tablecloth


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