Cluck-Clucks & Cock-a-doodle doo

I love chickens, when we lived in California we had two chickens that roamed our yard like pets in our suburban backyard. So, needless to say almost as quickly as we got the goats we got chickens. The first chicks we brought home were 4 of the world’s smallest Chickens…(Seramas) which are adorable! The little roosters are the best with their squeaky  little crows.

After we started feeling a bit more settled in we began adding the larger breed chickens for the larger eggs. We started with four Rhode Island Reds our first spring and then added a little group of Barred Rocks the following fall.  Since then we have added Black Austrlorps, Buff Orpingtons, Polish and Silver laced Wyandottes to the bunch. At one point we had 65 chickens but we have 36 at present. There are too many to name each one, but “The ladies” are an important part of our farm. They do a wonderful job stirring up the compost pile and providing eggs for our farmstand.

When baby chicks have pom pom heads you have to bring a couple home just for fun.DSCN3893One of our Silver Laced Wyandottes…DSCN3870I have to say that the Buff Orpingtons might be my favorite large breed chicken, they are really calm and friendly birds.DSCN3867Our first Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks… imageDing Dong ,one of our little Serama Roosters.DingDongThe Black Australorps..theopalsWe love having chickens on the farm, but especially when one of our Serama hens hatches out her tiny chicks. We raise and sell them from our farm now.semarachicksLast but not least we have raised meat birds for eating. The first time we tried Cornish Cross and they were the most disgusting chickens I have ever owned. They were pretty much like water balloons with feathers. This past summer we raised 30 Red Rangers and they were wonderful birds, great foragers and we enjoyed raising them immensely. We highly recommend them.chicken

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