Cluck-Clucks & Cock-a-doodle doo

I love chickens, when we lived in California we even had two chickens that roamed our yard like pets in our suburban backyard. So, needless to say almost as quickly as we got the goats we got chickens. The first chicks we brought home were 4 of the world’s smallest Chickens…(Semaras) which are adorable! The little roosters have the cutest little crow. After we felt a little more settled we wanted to get larger breed chickens for eggs. A friend suggested that you get a new breed with each batch you raise so you know how old they are. We started with Rhode Island Reds that we just ended up calling, “The Rubies”. When we got our little group of Barred Rocks they affectionately became, “The Pearls”. ¬†Recently we added a group of Black Austrlorps to the bunch, and we call them the Opals. They are a gorgeous iridescent black. We love having chickens on the farm, so when one of our little Semara hens, Strawberry, hatched out 5 tiny chicks we were so excited!

imageOur Rhode Island Red “Rubies” and our Barred Rock “Pearls”


Our little Semara Rooster named Ding Dong.

theopalsThe Opals

RoosterCogburnRooster Cogburnsemarachicks

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