The Goats

In June of 2016 we were smack dab in the middle of escrow on our farmhouse when my daughter found a craigslist ad for a couple of two week old Nigerian Dwarf doelings. Us Smith girls have a crazy affinity for tiny farm animals, most likely because we are 5’1 and 5’2 respectively. For some reason the practicality of getting goats before we closed on our property did nothing to dissuade us from driving two hours to acquire these little darlings; thankfully the family was happy to keep them for us until we moved. After we had driven away we got a call asking if we would be interested in their four other goats and we of course said, “yes!”

A month later we got our keys and the next day we were driving back to get our little herd with the knowledge we had no real fenced area to put them in. The boxes stayed pretty much unpacked that weekend while we put in fence posts, pulled fencing and built a barn area in our garage for the nights. Looking back, I now know we were a bit crazy and not completely goat informed but we have made it work and gained quite a bit of knowledge along the way. All of our goaties are doing great and we have had six new kids this past year. Each of our goats has their own unique personalities which I will have fun revealing along the way in my blog. You can also look forward to some articles and photos of the cheese and milk products Brandon makes from the goat milk. So, now you know how are herd came to The Smith Farmhouse , I gladly introduce to you these diverse characters.

This is Daisy, mama of the two babies we originally went to get. She is our tiniest doe but  makes the most noise. On August 8, she had two new kids, a boy and girl that we named Lucky & Agnes.
This is Boo, she is one of Daisy’s original set of kids that we answered the ad about. Boo had her first set of twins on August 15th, Scooter and Sabrina. She is a good mom but likes to sneak away for alone time.
Silly Gilly
Gilly is Boo’s sister and their mom is Daisy. They are both taller with longer ears and I question if their father was a Nigerian Dwarf but we will never know. Gilly will be bred this fall for a late Spring birth.
This is Buttercup, her name was originally Iris but we changed it to suit her personality. She was pregnant when we got her but didn’t know it. She had two baby boys, Tot and Nugget on Dec 3rd, 2016. Buttercup is my best and easiest milker .
The original 4 girls coming home that first day:
We also brought home two bucks that day, Chip and Oreo. We bred Chip to Daisy and Boo last March and had  Lucky and Agnes on 8-8-17 and Scooter and Sabrina 8-15-17. Oreo is the brother of Chip and will not be bred due to a undescended testicle. We will never know which of these two is the dad of Tot and Nugget though…… it will be a mystery forever.
Nugget is our first kid born on Dec 3rd, 2016. He looks almost exactly like his mom buttercup. We decided to wether him and use him for future blackberry control.
This Tot, he was also born to Buttercup on Dec. 3rd. He was so small approx 1 pound that he was almost mistaken for after birth. We didn’t know if he would make it but he pulled through. He is a little wether and still half the size of his brother at 10 months old.

On August 8, 2017 Daisy had a second set of twins. Lucky and Agnes. They are extremely friendly even though they are raised by their mama. .

Lucky was wethered and will be on blackberry patrol this Spring 
Agnes is a cuddle bug, if I sit anywhere in her vicinity she immediately claims my lap as hers. You gotta love those teeth!
On August 15th, 2017, Boo had Scooter and Sabrina. They are quite a bit more shy than the other two kids  but  I am getting them to warm up with treats. This is our little wether Scooter.
And this is Sabrina .

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